I’m no stranger to the struggle of working with limited space. But don’t sweat it, because a sprinkle of imagination and a touch of smart planning can turn that small bathroom into a real winner – both super functional and stylish as heck. This guide for tiny bathrooms is diving into some awesome space-saving solutions tailored for those snug powder rooms.

If your bathroom is playing in the small leagues and you’re all about squeezing out the most juice, then you’re in the right spot. We’re throwing around all sorts of ideas and tactics to help jazz up your compact bathroom without sacrificing the practical side.

We’re going to chat about wall-mounted storage, medicine cabinets, towel racks, counter space – the works. Think hooks on the walls for that vertical storage action, giving your floor a chance to breathe and keeping everything in line. And let’s not forget the brilliance of furniture that’s pulling double duty. Picture a foldable shower seat or a wall-mounted toilet. These small bathroom storage ideas are like magic potions, cooking up a bathroom that’s all about being efficient while still wrapping you in cozy vibes.

Utilize Vertical Space For Space Saving Solutions

Install a wall-mounted toilet

If you’re looking to open up some legroom in your cozy bathroom, think about getting yourself a wall-mounted toilet. Unlike the regular floor-huggers, these toilets use the space in your wall, which leaves a bunch of space underneath.  Suddenly the rest of the bathroom looks bigger, and bonus, cleaning the floor becomes a breeze!

While wall-mounted toilets are great, please keep in mind that they can come with a number of inconveniences not with the hassle. Some of which is that they are typically much more difficult to install.

Hang shelves above the toilet

Here’s another trick for getting the most out of your walls – slap some shelves to take advantage of the space above the toilet. It’s a storage opportunity for your toothpaste, towels, and all that bathroom must-have stuff.

Plus, they’re right there, easy-to-access bathroom storage. Go wild with styles and sizes – make ’em fit your bathroom look.

Use a tall, narrow storage cabinet

If you’re all about using those walls in your bathroom, think about grabbing a tall and slim storage unit. These are perfect for those tight spots, like the gap between the sink and the toilet. Toss in your towels, cleaning gear, and whatever else you need, all without hogging up the floor space.

Optimize Storage For Small Bathrooms

Space Saving Solutions for Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Install a vanity with built-in cabinets

If you’re tackling the storage game in a tiny bathroom, a vanity with its own built-in cabinet storage is a good choice. Having a mirror with built-in storage allows you to stash your toothbrush, towels, and all those bathroom must-haves. Go for the ones with drawers and shelves for that much-needed storage and keep your bathroom looking tip-top.

Utilize the space under the sink

The area under the sink is often underutilized in small bathrooms. By installing shelves or small cabinets, you can make the most of this space and create additional storage for cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other items. Utilizing the space under the sink not only keeps your bathroom clutter-free but also maximizes the use of available space, as well as maximizes counter space.

Use storage baskets or boxes

Storage baskets or boxes offer a really handy and cool method to keep your bathroom well organized. They come in clutch for stashing towels, toiletries, and whatever else have. With these baskets or boxes, you can effortlessly sort and divide your stuff, making the space feel larger with ample storage.

Maximize Shower Area

Space Saving Solutions for Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Install a corner shower

A corner shower is a good idea to maximize the available space in a small bathroom. Instead of using a traditional shower stall that takes up a significant amount of floor space, a corner shower can fit snugly into one corner of the bathroom, leaving room for other fixtures and making a space feel much roomier.

Use a shower curtain instead of a sliding door

If you are looking to save space in your small bathroom, opt for a shower curtain instead of a sliding door. Sliding doors require space to open and close, whereas a shower curtain simply hangs in place. This small change can make a big difference in the overall functionality and perceived size of your bathroom.

Choose a compact shower stall

If you really want to have a door and not curtains, consider choosing a compact shower stall. Compact shower stalls are designed to fit in small spaces. Look for models that have that fit the look and feel of your throne room.

Make Use of Mirrors and Lighting

Space Saving Solutions for Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Place a large mirror on one wall to create an illusion of space

Using mirrors is a cool trick to make a tiny bathroom seem much bigger. Just pop a big mirror on one wall, and voila! The room suddenly looks way more spacious and open.

Consider investing in a mirror that extends from floor to ceiling for maximum impact.

Use natural light as much as possible

If you have a window in your small bathroom, let that natural light flood in – it’s not just about making things brighter, but also giving off that breezy and friendly vibe. You could think about hanging up some sheer curtains or blinds. They’ll keep things private while still letting that natural light work its magic.

Opt for Space-Saving Fixtures

pedestal sinks for bathrooms

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Install a pedestal sink

When space is at a premium, going for a pedestal sink is a smart move. Unlike those bulky vanity sinks, this type of bathroom sink keeps things compact and gives your small bathroom a breezy feel. Sure, you might miss out on some storage, but no worries! There are plenty of other ways to stash your stuff in the bathroom.

Select a compact toilet

When it comes to small bathrooms, every inch matters. To maximize space, consider selecting a compact toilet that is specially designed for small spaces. Compact toilets are slightly shorter and narrower than standard toilets, allowing them to fit comfortably in tight spaces without compromising on functionality.

Check out my picks for compact toilets.

Add Floating Shelves

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Install floating shelves above the toilet

Floating shelves are great for that extra space on the bathroom walls. Pop ’em up above the toilet, and you have yourself extra room for all your bathroom gear – from toothpaste to towels.

And the cool thing is, these shelves don’t hog up much space at all. They’re like a classy touch that jazzes up your bathroom style.

Use floating shelves for additional storage

In addition to installing floating shelves above the toilet, you can also incorporate them in other areas to add storage to a small bathroom design. Consider adding floating shelves near the bath or shower to store bath products or display decorative items. Floating shelves are versatile and can be customized to fit your specific storage needs.

Use Pocket Doors

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Replace traditional swinging doors with pocket doors

In small bathrooms, regular swinging doors end up hogging a lot of floor space. But if you go for pocket doors instead, you’ll save space and create a more open vibe. These doors slide right into the wall when you open them, so you don’t need to worry about them taking up swinging space.

One cool thing about pocket doors is they get rid of that swinging action. That means you don’t need that extra space for the door to swing into. This is super handy for tiny bathrooms because you get more room to play with and can arrange stuff however you want.

And it’s not just about saving space – pocket doors make the bathroom more accessible too. Unlike regular swinging doors that can be a pain in tight spots, pocket doors slide away smoothly, giving you easy and obstacle-free access to the bathroom.

Utilize Wall Nooks and Niches

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Build recessed shelves or cabinets into the walls

If you want to make the most of storage in a tiny bathroom and give it that minimalist bathroom look, a clever move is to add recessed shelves or cabinets right into the walls. These cool built-in wall nooks and niches give you a smooth way to keep your stuff like toiletries, towels, and bathroom gear all neat and tidy, without taking up any floor space.

With these wall nooks and niches, you score storage points while keeping your bathroom looking well put together. Whether you’re into showing off cool decorations or tucking away your must-haves, these built-in shelves and cabinets bring a touch of class and usefulness to your cozy bathroom.

Choose Compact and Multi-Functional Furniture

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Use a small stool that also serves as a storage

Adding a small stool that also works as storage is a cool idea for your not-so-big bathroom. It’s like having a seat for when you’re getting ready or a handy step stool whenever you need a boost. Plus, underneath, there’s a sneaky little storage spot to keep your toiletries, cleaning stuff or even some spare towels all out of sight.

Select a vanity with a built-in mirror and storage

If your bathroom space is a bit tight, you might want to think about getting a small vanity that comes with its own mirror and storage. This cool piece of furniture doesn’t just give you a spot to keep your stuff, but it also does away with having to have another mirror hanging around. Look for a vanity that has drawers and shelves so you can use it for storage in your cozy bathroom.

Opt for a wall-mounted foldable table

If you’re looking for a handy spot to tackle tasks like folding clothes or fixing your makeup in a cozy bathroom, consider grabbing a wall-mounted foldable table. It’s a smart move for saving space – just fold it up against the wall when you’re done, giving you more room to breathe. Make sure to pick out a table that fits with the rest of your room.


Trying out these cool and creative small bathroom storage ideas, which can totally level up the usefulness and style of your compact bathrooms. Working with the vertical space, getting smart with storage, and weaving in organizers can really open up the feel of smaller bathrooms. Just by mapping things out and picking the right furniture and fixtures, you can really flip small bathrooms into chic, super functional spots.

Don’t hesitate to dive into these ideas and change your tiny bathroom for the better!

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